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Tip for “Rule Abiding Title” in DN SEA

Rule Abiding Title via DN SEA forum

Just sharing a link first before I misplace it again. It’s a valuable tip for all title hunters. 😀

Nanoblock Charmander!



Boyfriend’s Charmander! It has a beautiful but unstable tail to balance its adorably oversized head.


What are you doing, Char?

Nanoblock Pikachu!



Eevee’s new friend, Pikachu. Looks like a puppy from the front though…

New toy, Nanoblock!


Isn’t Eevee cute?

It is looking really good, although I’m using the Android app and there are some minor bugs, but the new features! The clean layout! I’m in love!

Can’t wait to check out the website version and desktop client when I get home.

Notes to self about Playstation 3 backup restore

So my precious first generation 60GB backward-compatible Playstation 3 got its second YLOD (Yellow Light of Doom) a few days ago and it looks like it’s dying for good. It gave us the YLOD  for the first time around less than a month ago, and we managed to revive it using this solder reflow method but it is only a temporary fix. Everything I read on the net says that even if a PS3 that has YLOD has been fixed with the better fix of solder reballing, it’s still just on life support and the second YLOD just confirmed it.

So I’m now looking for a new PS3 to replace the dying/dead one, and also searching for the best methods to get my game data and save files from the old one to the new one (especially the save data, since I don’t have Playstation Plus). There’s a few things I noticed when researching, and this blog post is actually my notes to self to see things more clearly and list the things I should do or note later.

Of course, if this posts helps more people than just me, it’s a pleasant bonus.

* Note, I don’t have those rental videos and copy-righted video downloads so there’s a lot lesser things I need to pay attention to. If you have those, read the articles/posts/guides I linked to and take note. Best to google and get your own confirmation.

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Finally able to post from phone!

To be fair, it’s not WordPress Android app’s fault, but I had been disappointed for so long it’s making me crazily happy.

And I just found out I could pair my PS3 keyboard with my phone. Just think of all the possibilities!

Collection Title Event?! OMG!

I was wondering why my web traffic spiked by a few hundreds recently, then I saw today that there’s a new event for Dragon Nest SEA and it requires unlocking Collection Titles!

Dragon Nest SEA – [Event] Title Delights!

Firstly, I haven’t update the Masterlist since the update. >_<; I’m sorry about that, especially to those who are looking for information for the Ultimate and Biological titles. Work and my personal life has kept me way too busy. I hereby promise, I’ll post about the new Collection Titles in these few days. 🙂

Secondly, I noticed one of the updates in the October patch makes things much easier for Collection Title hunters:

All Calderock Village and Saint Haven’s [Abyss] dungeon mission can now be unlocked by entering the world zone (for example: Gray Ruins). Players no longer need to obtain or complete quests from Heraldry Scholar NPCs to unlock the achievements.

This essentially means that it is no longer necessary to complete the Secret of the Abyss, Birth of the Abyss quests! This is good news! It also means I need to update the title collection guides. ;_;

Holy cow, so many new Collection Titles!

And Achievement window UI renovation! Auto-roll NO! So many nice improvements!

I’m in heaven!!! <3

For the people I have made very confused, I’m talking about Dragon Nest SEA’s new patch “A Blast To The Past Of Your Dragon Nest Adventure Game Patch“. Although I was inactive for a while because the new content wasn’t at all appealing to me and guild more or less mass-migrated to FFXIV (which I’ll be starting next month), the new updates caught my eyes.

Dragon Fellowship and Deceptive Stronghold sounds interesting, though the one update I’m looking forward to is the monopoly like Exploration thing. More importantly, collection titles update. *-* The collector soul in me is so excited right now. Can’t wait to check it out ingame later.

Talking Pets arrived in DN SEA!

Pets Say The Darndest Things

After the latest patch (the one that added Typhoon Kim Nest and Professor K Nest hell mode), us lucky pet owners now have talking pets! Check out the link to a forum topic where members of the community posted so many screenshots of their pets saying stuff.

My hound is a violent little thing that wants to *CRACK* monsters sometimes, and thinks of food a lot.

Dice Adventure has ended….

I posted about this some time back, and now the Tales of the World: Dice Adventure service has officially ended. 🙁 I’m a sad panda now.


I didn’t manage to collect all the available characters via Infinite Colosseum event (in most part because I couldn’t afford time spent distracted on playing this, although it had stress relief purposes), but I did take a batch of screenshots of my favorite characters that I collected.

Think I should share them next time?

I have not forgotten this blog!

But things have been quite busy for me, and I was being sick or not feeling well a lot, so didn’t really have time to make posts.

I know I have yet to update the DN collection title guides with the newest collection title that is for PVP, but with the new UI for the Title Collection Book, it’s so much easier to check the title requirements ingame. That’s why I have decided that I will wait until there are a few more new title collections before updating.

Instead, I’ll try to post more. Like other guides, game reviews… stuff. Keyword of the day: try.

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