Sel now has Jr. Reaper!

The pet in MapleStory, I mean. ^^ It’s adorable.

Jr Reaper!

Picture not done by me, credits to whoever made it. Here are the commands, copied from the PPF v.1.

Jr. Reaper
Level 1-30: Sit / iloveyou / hug / talk / say /chat / smellmyfeet / monstermash / trickortreat / rockout / boo / poop / playdead / no / bad / badboy / badgirl

*Added 30 Nov, a little more info*

The guitar and the signs are pet equipment and currently, only the guitar is released in MapleSEA. The cash item pet food for it is Caramel Beetle. It’s kinda hard to level, but it’s okay, I love my Jr Reaper anyway. <3

WordPress 2.7

Slated to be released on 10th November 2008, this is the must-upgrade version for me, since this one is going to have left-hand navigation, personalize-able admin pages, sticky posts and new options for the plugin feature. It’s basically going to be THE WordPress I’m looking forward to.

How I know? From this review.

I’m actually contemplating combining Apathetic Moon and LunaDream (and if possible, Drache too) so that they run from one single WordPress installation and be able to customize them individually. In short, what some calls ‘multiblog’. But to do it by WordPress MU sounds like using Thor’s hammer for a tiny nail, and possibility quite restrictive, so I’m checking out some of the hacks/plugins for this.

Nerdaphernalia and WP-Hive are looking pretty good right now.

If I’m going to do this, then I’ll probably have to do it by the end of October, way before 2.7 is out, because NaNoWriMo will have started by then and I want to devote my attention to writing that instead of worrying about this.

MapleSEA v0.63 Features!

MapleSEA v0.63 patch was released on 9th October! This one is a big patch, with lots of new interesting stuff. It’s so much that I decided to make this entry to help remember some of the details not mentioned in the official patch notes and introduction to the Enhance features. Oh, I’m mostly referencing stuff found in the PlayPark forum Maple General Discussion and from sites I’m redirected from there. xD

*Added the (5) on 31th October~*

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Oh well, iTheme it is

After a round of searching and trying out the themes that I find to my taste, I still end up with iTheme. -_-; Oh well, I am alright with it for now. But I’ll definitely make my own theme when AM goes officially live. So many things I want to do, but not enough time or the concentration to do them all, haha.

The gallery plugin thing was nifty but gave me some problems. Gonna have to see about adding pictures in a more simpler way.

Doubutsu Uranai?

You are Orange Koala, who tends to give an impression of being too sensitive and nervous. But you have thorough insight and can work efficiently. You are cheerful and very forthright. Your short temper may cause your advantages to diminish. When the positive side of you comes out, you will try hard to go beyond the person you do not want to loose against.

You are suited to academic and artistic areas, where you can seek your insight. Your soul never gets old, and you will keep coming up with new ideas. The occupations you will be good at are those works where you can use your natural sense of creativity. You may come up with new and innovative idea while relaxing. This make you suited to jobs concerning plannig events or entertaining. Areas of arts may also bring good luck.
You are precise with money, and do not spend money easily. You will save up rather than use it, and although you don’t show, you are sensitive with interests between personal relationships. You don’t buy things impulsively.

Socially, you are very open person. You seem to be very sociable person, but really you are extremely cautious, and will not easily tell your true feelings. Balancing this kind of your bilateral character will be your task. You can fall in love many times, but once married, you will take charge of the household, and control it efficiently.

*edit, took out that pic that I really don’t like, and edit the format slightly.

Apocalyptica, Cello Metal ftw!

Lol, I couldn’t wait until I get a live site up before I write this. I’m so freaking hooked on Apocalyptica right now, I can’t stop listening to their music. In fact, I can’t stop watching their videos on youtube, and the minute I find a music store with their albums, I’m going to buy at least one. Gods, addiction at its best.

It doesn’t really help that the guys who make up the band are so freaking cute/hawt in their own way. Eicca and Perttu are my favorites now (can’t really help it, the bishounen lover in me wants me to see nice looking guys more often). Eicca has the cutest laughter, Perttu seems to like having his shirts off and his tongue sticking out of his mouth quite a bit (it almost looks like he’s going to lick his cello in Somewhere Around Nothing video). Their hair flies a lot during the videos. I love Perttu’s look (he has too many while Eicca and Paavo barely changes) when in the Hope Vol. 2 video… actually I think the band looks the best in that video (especially Eicca, who looks almost pretty).

Most of all, I like the way they love what they are doing. It’s wonderful. And I can’t really resist modern music done with classical instrument, especially the strings type with deep melancholic sounds.

Weird Mood…

D: Weird mood again for no reason. Maybe there is a reason, considering my sleeping schedule is changing every two weeks, and I haven’t been eating well and keeping myself healthy. Basically not taking very good care of myself. I’m getting restless and my appetite is affected. Bad sign, really.

😀 Good news is that I have more motivation to do my webbie things, yay. Maybe I’ll consider updating Drache. Maybe.

Think I should start a new blog. Not really interested in having my past all out in public, especially with how emo I was. Eck.

New name, new layout

Welcome to Apathetic Moon. =) It has much the same vibes as Silent Ice Moon, but is not as wordy. Anyway, it’s still in development phase, don’t be surprised to find that you’re the first visitor but with a whole lot of stuff already in here.

Oh, old posts are archived. Not really very comfortable with a old bunch of my old emo rants somewhere I can find effortlessly and go all emo when reading them.

Which Suikoden rune?

You are most compatible with the Gate Rune. You are probably a person who likes to explore and see new places and things. You also see it as your responsibility to try to help others. You don’t run their lives for them, but you try to give them a nudge in the right direction and aid them in problems that seem to be too big for them to handle. You are concerned with the fate of humanity in general, and try to help do your part by using whatever abilities you have for the collective good. Although you are good at predicting the outcome of events, you may also miscalculate or fail to see something, which can cause problems.

The current owner of the Rune of the Gate is Leknaat. She and her sister, Windy, were a part of the Gate Rune Clan. Their village was attacked by the Harmonian Empire, and to protect the rune they divided it in two and fled. Windy swore vengence, and ruthlessly tried to aquire a more powerful rune to do so. Eventually she found the Soul Eater, which led to the Gate Rune Wars. Windy used the Front Gate Rune to summon monsters from the “World of Emptiness” to amass an army to take it, and Leknaat, with her Back Gate Rune and Joshua Levenheit’s Dragon Rune, sent them back. In the end she died, and her half of the rune went to Leknaat. Leknaat has been the keeper of the Stone Tablets, listing the 108 “Stars of Destiny.” She has been a guiding force in every set of Stars.

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