Changes to Apathetic Moon!

Decided to spend some time on this blog and made a few changes I’ve been wanting to. I was browsing for another theme but at the end, I still like this one (Color Paper) best, despite some of the issues that ticked me off occasionally.

I addressed some of them today and it’s much more to my satisfaction now. Though it seems I may want to style the Search box as well.

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We are on LIVE!!

Apathetic Moon officially goes live and replaces Silent Ice Moon v.2 as my blog! ^^ It’s going to be a lot more lighthearted since I am locking up all the old old posts in which I angst and emo in. There are still a few things missing and a lot I want to add, but I’ll get to adding them when WordPress 2.7 comes. And setting up multi-blog for my sites. That is, if it doesn’t get me to spend less time on NaNoWriMo. ;_;

Oh well, iTheme it is

After a round of searching and trying out the themes that I find to my taste, I still end up with iTheme. -_-; Oh well, I am alright with it for now. But I’ll definitely make my own theme when AM goes officially live. So many things I want to do, but not enough time or the concentration to do them all, haha.

The gallery plugin thing was nifty but gave me some problems. Gonna have to see about adding pictures in a more simpler way.

New name, new layout

Welcome to Apathetic Moon. =) It has much the same vibes as Silent Ice Moon, but is not as wordy. Anyway, it’s still in development phase, don’t be surprised to find that you’re the first visitor but with a whole lot of stuff already in here.

Oh, old posts are archived. Not really very comfortable with a old bunch of my old emo rants somewhere I can find effortlessly and go all emo when reading them.