Typing Chinese in DOMO

I’m using Windows XP and playing the taiwan DOMO server. I’m not sure if this will work with other online games and Windows version though. I’m not a computer or IT expert, so if you don’t trust me or yourself, don’t attempt this. Search for better options.

In any case, I managed to input Chinese words into the game, which I’ve been wanting to do and sacrificed a few hours of sleep to find out how. I have a feeling that many many people already know how to do this but I didn’t, and now I want to share how.

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Squee~! DOMO-online!

Also known as Dreams of Mirrors Online in English and 飛天歷險 in Chinese. The english global server is hosted by Aeria Games, but I’m playing on the Taiwan server. My sisters wanted to try it out after we have heard and read about it for quite some time, and now that the holidays are here, they decided to go ahead. It’s by Softstar Entertainment, the company that have some very famous Chinse RPG series that we have played before, such as 仙劍奇俠傳系列, 軒轅劍系列 and 大富翁系列 (also known as Richman, which Aeria has as well).

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Nexon acts against fansite(s)?

ASF topic : Nexon invasion into MapleStory Fansite(s)

Looks like Nexon America is taking action against a website because it has content that was originally encrypted data that was later decrypted by somebody called Fiel.

Interesting news, it’s the first time I’ve read that action is taken against fansite (with reason, just not too sure how reasonable). On one hand, as a gamer, the fansites are great help for finding out about things that I wouldn’t know otherwise, and the more information the better. On the other, if the data was created by me and encrypted for good reasons, I probably wouldn’t like it to be decrypted and for the info inside to be spread.

Sel now has Jr. Reaper!

The pet in MapleStory, I mean. ^^ It’s adorable.

Jr Reaper!

Picture not done by me, credits to whoever made it. Here are the commands, copied from the PPF v.1.

Jr. Reaper
Level 1-30: Sit / iloveyou / hug / talk / say /chat / smellmyfeet / monstermash / trickortreat / rockout / boo / poop / playdead / no / bad / badboy / badgirl

*Added 30 Nov, a little more info*

The guitar and the signs are pet equipment and currently, only the guitar is released in MapleSEA. The cash item pet food for it is Caramel Beetle. It’s kinda hard to level, but it’s okay, I love my Jr Reaper anyway. <3

MapleSEA v0.63 Features!

MapleSEA v0.63 patch was released on 9th October! This one is a big patch, with lots of new interesting stuff. It’s so much that I decided to make this entry to help remember some of the details not mentioned in the official patch notes and introduction to the Enhance features. Oh, I’m mostly referencing stuff found in the PlayPark forum Maple General Discussion and from sites I’m redirected from there. xD

*Added the (5) on 31th October~*

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