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Gates are down for SEA LOL players

Following up on the “League of Legends Southeast Asia” news, my sister reported today that she can (finally) not access the North America League of Legends server now. Yes, it meant that while the official news and email from Riot Games said that the IP block will be in place sometime late February, my sister (and a number of players, according to the LOL forum) was still able to access the server, until today.

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Trying out Prius Online

I was randomly browsing the internet today when I spotted this game “Prius Online” (used to be Anima Online) on a blog. I checked out youtube to find out how it looks like. What got my interest right off is the graphics, which reminded me a little of Granado Espada (which I don’t play anymore, sadly). Then I saw the adorable little girl character.

My first thought was “Lolita!” After checking out some comments, it seems I’m not the only one who felt that way.

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Funny take on LOL SEA news

Forum member “Chaosfingers” posted a funny take on the announcement of “League of Legends Southeast Asia version”. This little gem is buried in the 69th page of the Southeast Asia megathread in the LOL forum (which is 70+ pages long right now). It’s a bit of a parody, but Chaosfingers hit the reactions to the news spot on.

Here’s what was posted, and needless to say, this did/does/will not happen in real life.

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League of Legends Southeast Asia

My sister received an email about it and while it is expected that a SEA publisher will take the game, some part of the news came as a surprise and caused an uproar with the SEAsian LOL players.

Official News: Riot Signs a League of Legends Publisher in Southeast Asia

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KQ Accomplishment #o1

Played Fiesta Online for a bit earlier and 9 man Robo KQ with only 1 cleric (my level 34 one), 3 fighters, 1 archer and rest mages succeeded! Robo was not killed, but everyone was alive and well at the end!

Robo KQ (Kingdom Quest) is not easy to succeed, and even all that time I played it with my mage, less than half of the KQs succeeded and Robo was only killed a dozen or so times. The reason we succeeded for this is because everyone knew to do their part, and our fighters are strong enough to take the damage, especially when I can’t get my heals in fast enough. This is the reason I love KQs. <3

MapleSEA v0.82 & v0.83 patch

Version 0.82 patch is the huge one with Neo Tokyo, which is that amazingly beautiful and very high level area that was previously exclusive to the Japanese maple server. Version 0.83 patch is the one that brings Maple Trading System (MTS) to MapleSEA, which I’m a lot more interested in.

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MSEA Ranking is back!

I am not very interested in it, but somebody took the trouble to discover something interesting. According to this ASF post, there are a total of 958 level 200 (max level) characters in MapleSEA. :O

The forum topic @ Asiasoft Forums

Credits to the person who went and put this together.

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FF XIII (Jap) on 17th December 09!

In this Kotaku article, the official release date for the Japanese version has been confirmed on 17th December. The price is also confirmed and after converting to SGD and add in import fee… ouch, it’s expensive. But it’s expected. The English version will be next year though, so we are in a bit of a dilemma. To get the Jap version early and struggle with the language, or wait and pray the voice actors are good. Probably the Jap version.

Can’t wait to see this new trailer that was mentioned! For more on the FF XII Premiere Party, check it out in Kotaku.

MapleSEA v0.78 patch!

Another huge patch from Asiasoft, and this one’s highlight is the Boss Balrog (i hear it’s a lower level boss) and Monster Carnival Season 2 (this I’m interested). This one has another long patch notes posted on the website. Surprisingly, the manual patch and client download is already available, although actual patching is tomorrow, a very early 2am to 8am.

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MapleSEA Episode 2!

One of the things I’ve been wanting to blog about, MapleSEA Episode 2! Wanna know¬†what are some of its highlights that’s gotten everyone so excited?

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Drooling @ FFXIII Agito video

Found this video while randomly browsing Joystiq. It’s a pretty cool trailer, nice video style. Square Enix is good at making pretty looking videos. And also at reinventing hoods as the new capes and cards as the new swords (Kingdom Hearts, anyone?). Gosh I can’t wait for it to come, and it’s going to be a long wait, according to this news.

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MapleSEA v.68 patch, robo pet!

That’s not the only nice thing out of this patch though it is definitely the cutest. I succumbed to the urged and bought one, lol. Now I have two adorable pets. Robo can be evolved but I like it better like this.

I only wish I have more time to play maple, now that my sisters got me playing Celestial Destroyer Online (aka Zhu Xian), lol. (Poor DOMO, when can I play you? ;_; )

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