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This just happened, LOL!

I think I played too much LoL at that point of time.

Tips for Business Tycoon Online (SEA)

More like note to self, but glad to share if anyone find them useful. And credits to my wonderful guildmates for sharing some of those tips with me too.

And yeah, I end up playing and liking this game. >.>

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MouseHunt Onyx Mallet and ACRONYM cheatsheet

My sister has the awesomely named ACRONYM trap so I was wondering how to get it. I was so glad to find out that I could start collecting ingredients for the ACRONYM trap, namely the Onyx Stone, in the Dojo where I was hunting. Then I realize how complicated the process is for getting an Onyx Stone. And that there’s another trap that needs it, the Onyx Mallet.

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MouseHunt Ambush Trap cheatsheet

MouseHunt Ambush TrapI’m at the stage in MouseHunt where I am collecting materials to make Ambush Trap through the guidance of the walkthrough on MouseHunt Wiki (because I would still be in Town of Digby otherwise).

It seems I’m not very good at piecing information together because I needed my sister to explain how exactly do I go about crafting the Ambush Trap. Oh boy, this is one complicated process (at least to me).

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Game Developer 1, Homophobic Gamer 0.

Dragon Age 2 writer responds to complaint about BioWare neglecting ‘straight male’ demographic | Joystiq

I have not touched a Dragon Age games before (I’m not sure if the new Dragon Age Legends on Facebook count?) but this caught my attention nonetheless, being a female gamer who is rather empathetic to homosexuality and all.

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Just finished a Tales of Vesperia (PS3) session with the sisters, and we were pushing on inside the Telescopic Graveyard. ToV has some of the brightest and darkest battlefields, leading to a lot of “where the hell am I” moments.

Rita’s Fireball is serious overpowered when it’s maxed, considering it has 12 hits and the lowest TP cost of all the spells. I’m already going on a ‘when in doubt, Fireball’ logic in battle. Though her other spells are really nice too. Like the Stone Blast + Ivy Rush combination. And Meteor Storm. Never forget Meteor Storm. <3

The attraction of Restaurant City

I was quite badly addicted to Facebook for a long while until weeks ago. Then I quitted it for good for these few weeks… until yesterday.

When I caught sight of the new Coffee Bar addition to Restaurant City. It’s like that game knows what I’m weak against.

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What’s your Alice Cross symbol?

The Website: アリス×クロス占い (Alice Cross Fortune Telling)

Find out what’s your luck for today with the Alice Cross card-symbol! I don’t think much about the accuracy, but who cares about accuracy when you get an image of a Alice Cross card, featuring one of the many lovely bishounens (or the few bishoujos)? :3

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Omgiosh! Persona Tarot Cards!

Source: More Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Merchandise: Trading Cards

I was searching for images for the Persona roleplay I’m running when I find that Persona 3 has these Trading Cards and it makes my hand itch for my wallet.

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This flash game is my new MMO drug, seriously. Featuring cute mice going against all odds to get cheese and bring it back to their hole, this is the game I play the most after I quit playing Facebook games. I got into it after watching the video below on Kotaku.

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Bushiroad’s TCG for girls – Alice Cross

I got into around a month ago (the week Mascot Parade took place in Singapore) and it really appeals to my bishonen-loving self. I initially didn’t know it’s a TCG when I bought the Togainu no Chi’s Alice X Cross Trading Card Game starter pack for my sister, although I did suspect that it’s not some normal collecting cards. Then the shopkeeper opened the door to that world to me.

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League of Legends SEA with Garena!

Source: Riot Games Partners with Garena to bring League of Legends to Southeast Asia

I heard the news some time after it came out, and it was a surprise to me. Garena was not on my guess list, but on hindsight, it makes a lot of sense of it to be approached by Riot Games.

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