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K anime, 2nd Episode Impression

Managed to catch the simulcast! Rushed home for it but still missed the first 5 minutes, so I woke up approx. 5 hours later to watch the repeat at 6.30am.

I will be keeping my little review spoiler-free, so I won’t be revealing much plot, just my impressions.

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Episode 1, first impression of K

I haven’t been this hyped over an anime for a long while. There should be no surprise that this anime ‘K’ that I’m crazy about has a whole bunch of bishounens and voiced by several A-List seiyuus (Ono Daisuke, Takahiro Sakurai, Tomokaze Sugita, etc).

I missed the Live simulcast with Japan on Animax Asia but there are a lot of repeat telecast and I caught the 6.30am one just now. I have no doubts I will be trying to watch the same episode again a few times. 

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Gonna be busy for this week, because I’m required to work one extra day this week and on my only off-day, I’m cosplaying during TGX. My whole week is going to be dedicated preparing for the cosplay, so no DN for me for a while. 🙁

That also means the detailed guide for the new titles won’t be out soon. 🙁 🙁

Loving the WP Post Formats Admin UI

WordPress Post Formats Admin UI

Just started using this plugin although I knew of it for months, and I want to kick myself in the head for being that lazy. The plugin makes it so that posting using different post formats is so much more intuitive. And the appearance is so simple and clean. Very awesome.

A favorite song – All This Time

Just so happened that I was updating the applications in my HTC Flyer when I spotted the Soundhound application and decided to let it try identify a song I loved for a very long time, but didn’t know its title or its artist. For convenience’s sake, I had named it “All This Time” as the phrase was repeated many times.

Soundhound only listened for around 5 seconds of its vocals before giving me the song name : フロンティア by 中谷美紀. The song フロンティア is in Japanese, and as it turned out, the song I have is the English version that is named “All This Time”. (o_o;;) It seems I’ve already gotten the name right.

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Facebook’s new changes

Every now and then, when the team behind Facebook decided to implement big changes to the way it looks or the way it works, the whole world go nuts briefly before the grumbles died and life goes on. Yesterday was one of such time. When Timeline (why does it remind me of Memolane so much?) is rolled out, I expect there to be another stir on the Internet.

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Melkco Slimme casing for HTC Flyer

The Melkco Slimme Cover casing for my HTC Flyer arrived today and I am loving it so much. Definitely worth the price and the shipping time was a reasonable wait. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

There’s this one interesting thing I observed though. It has some magnets on the cover so that it can form a stand to prop the tablet up horizontally, and when I pressed the cover fully against the back of the tablet, one of the magnets will cause the auto screen orientation function to stop working.

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Just realized that I more or less forgot about thi…

Just realized that I more or less forgot about this blog. Again. Even though I updated it to the nice sleek WP 3.2 with the updated admin UI. -_-; I’m gonna have to do something about that.

On feedly

feedly. feed your mind.

It’s my first time using a feedreader (yes, I’m awfully slow) and I’m trying this one out. I feel like I’ll stick with it, because of how it’s easy to use, and it looks pretty in a simple non-messy way. So yeah, checking it out.

It’s harder starting over Than never to have ch…

It’s harder starting over
Than never to have changed

— Blackbirds, Linkin Park #

Been busy for the past few days getting my new desktop all set up. It’s an Acer Predator G3600 and while I know it’s not top-notch, it’s such a step up from my old desktop that it doesn’t matter at all. Everything is so much faster and because it’s a Windows 7 computer, it’s also a lot prettier with lots of nice animations. I’m definitely in love with this new baby.

Tomorrow I’ll move the files I need/want to use in, then I’ll have to go concentrate on my assignment(s). Wish me luck~!! >_<;

Lost of precious tools

Today, I was trying to find an Excel file with a VBA macro that I wrote. Its purpose is to automate the process of listing all the topics in a section of a forum I moderated into html files, so that I can save them all easily from that list with DownThemAll instead of going through each of them and repeat the steps of saving and renaming. Then I discovered that I could not find the file. Then realized that none of my Excel files with macros in them (I refer to them affectionately as my tools) are anywhere to be found in the system and I am certain I did not delete any of them.

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