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Why Apathetic Moon went missing for a few days

First, I want to apologize for the brief ‘downtime’ of Apathetic Moon. Some of you probably had a shock when it was showing some other website. Let me make a few things clear:

  1. I am not closing the website or hosting something else in place of it.
  2. Apathetic Moon did not get hacked, it did not get attack by malware.
  3. It was not an advertising attempt gone wrong.

What happened was caused by a bug in the webhosting admin thingy and it caused my website to be showing another site “Bobby Tan Original Tailor”. I actually did a bit of searching, and it seems to be a highly recommended tailor shop in Singapore. The website itself is quite nicely made, though I was not in the mood to appreciate it.

What matters, is the problem is solved and Apathetic Moon is back online again. Again, I’m really sorry to those of you who were checking out the site and couldn’t find it. Especially the ones looking for the Title Collection Guides. ๐Ÿ™

No more Tales Dice Adventure

Service end for Tales of the World: Dice Adventure

I’m a sad panda now. ๐Ÿ™ I never really explored all of its content (I didn’t do Colosseum or PVP at all) but I did set my parties to do quests on a pretty regular basis for a while back (because my work got too busy).

Ah well, the end date is on 28th June 2013 midnight, Japan time, so I can still play this for around 2 months or so.

Just so sad to see another game I play end service.

DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide (part 4) ”Detective”

A new Collection Title! Title Collection Book has a new look! A dedicated section in Achievements windows! So much love for us title collectors this patch! <3 Needless to say this is my favorite part of the Kali patch. <3

(… okay, one of my few favorite parts. There are other things I like too, like the updates to Guardian Force…. But that’s not the focus now!)

Firstly, the new title!

Read More

I’m really undecided about dedicating time and efforts into a Kali character. Not that it’s a bad class, I personally really like Dark Summoner… but my poor Majesty just got to level 50 (yes I’m that much of a slowpoke) and I still have so much to do with her (like raids, PVP or ladder…)

๐Ÿ™ Decisions decisions.

Playing DN with PS3 controller

Just because I can doesn’t mean I should. My 2nd experience of trying to play DN with the Playstation Dualshock 3 controller is very interesting, but I’ll stick with keyboard and mouse.

The movement is better than during my 1st experience, probably due to different driver/software used. Still, the dungeon run is as disastrous as before. Maybe I need more practice. But I think I’ll drown in my own frustrations first.

Camera rotation is one speed only, so that’s problem number 1. The amount of skills slots means combination keys have to be used (for example L1 + Square button) so trying to fire off the right skill while moving out of harm’s way is problem number 2.

Good thing I’m use a Majesty. My sister was telling me how it would be quite complicated trying to get it working with an Acrobat.

Point of the experiment was, I could get it to work. But I wouldn’t play DN with a controller unless I am able to get round the above problems.

For those interested, this is the method that I used to get PS3 controller working with my computer (yes it is primarily for emulators, shhh). I tried Motion In Joy before but the uninstalling part gave me headaches.

Huh… routine plugins update is causing problems for my twitter widget. ๐Ÿ™ But then again, I keep forgetting to use Twitter. ๐Ÿ˜€

Hope the issue gets resolved soon, feels weird to have the widget missing.

The issue:ย Twitter Widget Pro – Authorize New Account does not redirect

DN SEA, A bit about missing collection titles

I saw some comments about having 100% completion for the collection titles but they are not appearing. The possible solution, according to some replies, is to try change character or relog, and the titles will appear. Hope that helps.

PS. I saw somewhere that the Korean DN server is going to get more collection titles! How exciting!

DN SEA forumers discussing Nest elements

Cherry Credits forum topic: ‘Nest’

Gotta love those trolls at the Cherry Credits forum. I nearly drenched my screen with coffee when I read Yohaku’s post.

Just a quick status update and a bit about missing quests

It’s really late now but I’m waiting for my poor HTC Flyer’s battery to get a bit more power in it before I go to bed, so I decided to clear some of the comments backlog while I wait. USB charging is slow, and my poor netbook is probably gonna have to remain on for the whole night.

I noticed a few comments after the big patch on 15 Jan saying that the Abyss related quests disappeared, so I did a bit of googling and checked the forums. Turns out, the quests didn’t disappear. They were hidden. The option at Quest window sayingย  “Hide Quest Marker” now hides the quest starting option for the lower level quests as well, instead of just the marker in mini-map.

So people who cannot find your Spread of the Abyss or other Abyss quests, you know what to do now.

PS. Staring at the battery meter saying 0% is scary. It’s 3% now, woohoo! But I still don’t dare to switch to using outlet charger yet. ๐Ÿ™

Happy New Year, onwards to 2013!

With the Mayan Calendar’s thingy going on, there must be some who thought we won’t be making it to 2013. But we did, and while the local weather was being spoilsport for good half of the day, 2013 arrived safely with a blast (the fireworks were very loud).

May the next 365 (or is is 366?) days be mostly good happy ones for everyone! And a big thank you for dropping by during 2012, it’s been great!

Guild first SDN clear!

After months of long struggles, my guild finally managed to down SDN! Because we are a small casual private guild, we have had many difficulties and frustrated attempts, interrupted by busy exam and work schedules. But we have finally managed to down SDN!

Great work everyone!

CaiGarden 1st SDN clear!

Now powered by WordPress 3.5

I’ve been reading about it for a while, and finally got to updating the sites. It’s a major update to the media uploading section, and it’s promising to be so much better. So far nothing seems broken, but I will continue keeping an eye out.

What’s interesting, is the Jetpack update. Publicize seems to be the post to social network thing on and I was looking for something similar some time ago (and still wasn’t very happy with the one I found). Gonna try it out later when I have the time.

Post by email, well that one is interesting. I haven’t been able to get my WordPress for Android app working with my multisite installation so I couldn’t blog on the go. Will be exploring this too.

Jetpack just seems to get better and better, especially now that I don’t have to de-spam the comments so often.

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