About Sel

Seluna, also known as Sel, Sellie, Selly, Luna by netfriends, born in 1986, living in Singapore, has two younger sisters, in relationship, webmistress of Shizuyue.net, graduated from a tertiary institution and is currently working full time in a customer service type role.

Can speak English and Chinese fluently, understands basic Japanese and Cantonese, know a few words in Malay and Hokkien. Learning German using Duolingo now.

Normally amiable, easily depressed, has bad memory, quite unhealthy (working on improving that) and temperamental, and several introverted traits.

Loves: my family, boyfriend, reading manga, playing games, twiddling with websites or forums, reading novels, writing, good looking things, chocolate and the color blue. Has a budding love for cosplay and props crafting.

If you have anything you want to ask me, you can do so over at Shizu.Yue’s facebook page (yes, there is one). 😀 As long as it’s questions I’m comfortable with, I’ll answer them. ^^

Updated: 4 March 2015